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Your bike is troublesome/dirty/not fun to ride[edit]

Bring it over and we'll show you some simple things on making it better. The idea is we'll show you very basic maintenance that you can do at home on a monthly basis for cheap which'll make your bike ride better, extend its life, and hopefully make you a more capable and inquisitive cyclist. This might wind up being more of a watch and learn and a little less hands on, but you will still have a chance to work on your bike if there's time. Limit of 8 person/bike pairs for this class due to space, but if there's enough interest and you dont have your bike with you you are of course welcome to watch and ask questions.

When and where does it happen?[edit]

200811171930, Monday November 17th 7:30PM sharp. Noisebridge 83c Wiese St San Francisco CA.

Who's running it?[edit]

Rubin and rigel.

What you might learn?[edit]

  • Part names (so when you take it in to a shop they dont think youre a total n00b)
  • Replacing a tube/tire
  • Cleaning chain and cogs
  • Light derailleur and brake tweaking
  • Wheel truing theory and basic demonstration
  • Basic bike types, i.e. how to look for a bike that is best suited for the type of riding you want to do

What you wont get?[edit]

  • Someone else fixing your bicycle for you
  • How to ride a bike like an extreme pro
  • Free parts and tools to take home

What to bring?[edit]

  • Yourself (required)
  • Your bike (required)
  • Clean rag
  • Toothbrush you don't use on your teeth anymore (optional)
  • $1 - $5 donation for supplies/use of the space.
  • bike multitool, if you have one


  • John Magolske
  • Asheesh Laroia
  • Adam Waters
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