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You are standing at Noisebridge's two bathrooms.

One bathroom is large and wheelchair accessible. The other bathroom has a window.

You see wheelchair accessibility handrails. You see a toilet. You see a sink. You see a mirror. You see toilet paper. You see hand sanitizer.

EXITS: Back hall, Back stairs.

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How To Use The Bathroom

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This needs updating for 272.

Paper Towel Dispensers

Both bathrooms have paper towel dispensers. When the paper towels dispensers get low, extra paper towels start to fall out. Please keep the paper towel dispensers reasonably full.


A person with reasonably thin hands and arms can reach up the paper towel dispenser from the bottom. A spring-action clip in the very top center can be pushed down long enough to open the paper towel dispenser for reloading. There originally existed two keys to open the papertowel dispensers but they disappeared.

As of this writing, a Costco-sized case of paper towels are located above the snack shelves in the kitchen area.


Paper towels are compostable. Used paper towels may be disposed in the green compost bin in the kitchen area.

Soap Dispensers

Soap dispensers are located above each sink in both bathrooms.


The top back left corner of the soap dispenser has a small square notch. Push in the notch with a paperclip or similar small object. While pushed in, the top lid will open from the front. Just pour the liquid soap into the dispenser until its reasonably full then close the lid.