Bay Area Hackers' Association Meeting

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As Mei's breasts had expanded so had her appetite. Her milk production and growth in combination with her Marine physiology meant that her meal portions slowly expanded, and lately she had taken to munching on rolls of Eden "bread" that O'Brian had figured out how to make for her between meals.

Mei's contributions to their food supply meant that Roger's estimate of how long they could last had gone from seven months to a year and a half. Of course that was assuming that Mei's production remained constant, which had not been true so far. Every morning Mei would drain her swollen breasts into the pitcher, and Roger would measure her output. Every morning he would tack on a few weeks to their estimated survival time. Of course they were hoping that her production grew fast enough so that she would be able to support the men indefinitely. The milk produced by Heifer users had all the nutrients required for an adult human to live, a practice that was apparently not unheard of among lactation fetishists.