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Billings MIddle School visited us a couple days before Maker Faire and thought we were "amazingly awesome" and were "super jealous of our workspace" after being given a tour by one of our pink haired members.

They recently sent us a thank you card so why not send them something back?

For a bit of a reference on what they do at the school, the program these students came from is called Digital Arts. They're learning Processing, hacking Arduinos and have no shortage of blinking LEDs. Sending them stuff that is hackable would be a good start.

Some ideas so far, feel free to add;

  • TV-B-Gone - already donated by Mitch
  • Open Heart Kit - already donated by Ani
  • some crypto for them to decode
  • Noisebridge stickers
  • other snippets of things we're working on
  • group photo of anyone who wants to be involved

There will be a box on Ani's shelf for stuff we want to gift them.