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Potential Bitcoin ATM hardware.jpg

Someone recently (May 2013) donated a touchscreen computer with a bill accepter to Noisebridge. With a little bit of software, this could be turned into a bitcoin-dispensing ATM!

I (Leif) do not have time to take the lead on this right now, but I would be happy to help out if other people do.

Lets start by collecting related information on this page.

I (SeanDeluge) so far have ount out if used to be a Ecast Compact Revo Jukebox. [1] And.. It has some good EQ hardware inside but other than that I can't tell what OS it's using or what the components are. I'll keep researching. I do know Ecast went belly up in March and was selling off these Jukeboxes for cheap and there are some going for $3000+ on ebay. Don't know if that helps but I'd like to see this working and not in the pile of hackable parts. Another URL I found is [2] Sean aka Dan

More info: Looks like it's a Akasa Mini ITX MB running Ubuntu Linux.

Password is noisebridge.

Touchscreen does some weird stuff in Unity, clicks on some windows work but others don't. Probably Ubuntu's newfangled touch stuff is in the way. Logging in with the GNOME session has better results.

The keys to the cash box are presently in the possession of Tom.