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How to Submit[edit | edit source]

We wanted to make submissions to the Noisebridge Blog more accessible, so we have opened up various submission methods for those that don't use Tumblr.

Method 1: Submit a post to Tumblr[edit | edit source]

This is easy enough! Go to the Blog's submission page and make a post, which an administrator of the page can then go and approve.

Method 2: Use the Google Form to make a submission[edit | edit source]

If you're not familiar or comfortable with editing pages on the Wiki, or would prefer your submission stays private until it is uploaded to the Blog, you can use the Google Form set up by Noisebridge to gather responses. It contains a text submission area, the ability to upload videos, photos, or diagrams, and then a space for you to leave your contact information if you want. These responses are stored into a private Google Sheets spreadsheet (accessible to people that can upload to the Blog) and then they can go ahead and upload. Please note that this form does require you to log in to Google, which is a policy enforced by Google when using the file upload feature. Let us know if this is a barrier to entry, and we can look into adding an alternative form that does not require sign-in.

Method 3: Edit the Wiki[edit | edit source]

This first method is perhaps the easiest, if you're already reading this. Simply edit the page in the section below marked [ Blog Submissions] and someone can upload it to the Tumblr page on your behalf.

Blog Submissions[edit | edit source]

Submission 1 (Yours?)[edit | edit source]

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