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The Board of directors of Noisebridge handles official secretariat business. As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) org we are required to have board elections yearly. The Board appoints a President, Secretary, and Treasurer. (In practice usually those people are on the Board, but they don't have to be). The Board is also responsible for holding at least one meeting per year, keeping public minutes at those meetings, and holding new board elections each January.

Noisebridge's 2024 board is (add link to 2024 Board Elections):

Noisebridge's (2023) board was:

  • Lizzard (resigned Jan 10 2024 )
  • Elan (President as of Jan 10 2024)
  • Emeline (Treasurer) (Resigned Dec 2023)
  • Michelle (Resigned Feb 2024)
  • BK
  • Lauren
  • Loren (Treasurer as of Dec 2023)
  • Nicole
  • Mark (Secretary)

2022 board:

Pandemic board (2019-2021)

The President is responsible for Noisebridge staying on track with its purpose statement (the "Mission") and the Bylaws.

The Secretary deals with membership and day to day non-financial administrative stuff.

The Treasurer keeps our Finances in order, and works with a tax accountant in Feb. and March to file our yearly tax exemption paperwork.

In practice, these roles are very fuzzy and often overlap. Or are somewhat neglected.

Note that the board of directors can choose to retain these three as board officers or appoint different people. When doing so, they should follow the lower-case-c consensus of the community.

If the current board officers don't have the bandwidth to do their duties as Noisebridge needs or think someone else would be better suited for the task, they should offer to pass their title to someone else. Board officers are expected to follow their best understanding of lower-case-c consensus when making decisions. They will be efficient, but not hasty. They will seek feedback on major decisions.

Our Board and Officers are insured for liability under our Directors & Officers policy with PHLY insurance.

The agenda for the next board meeting is here.

Our previous meetings minutes are in the category board meeting minutes.

You can use these materials to run the next board election How to run a board election

Once you have elected a new board, follow these instructions.

Board Elections