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The next board meeting is scheduled for 1900h on 2014-04-02. This is our prospective agenda. The minutes will be recorded at Board/Meeting_minutes_2014-04-02.


[edit] Administriva

[edit] Attendance

[edit] Approval of previous meeting's minutes

[edit] Approval & recording of decisions made since last meeting

  • Naomi is chair of the board

[edit] Working groups

[edit] Rebase working group

Report from rebase working group.

[edit] Community working group

Report from community working group.

[edit] Decision process working group

Report from decision process working group.

[edit] Old business

  • How can we find a treasurer to replace Danny?
  • Are there things we want to change about the bylaws?
  • Should we switch to board members with overlapping terms?
  • How do we want to manage safety?
  • How do we want to take care of physical infrastructure maintenance?
  • What do we think the relationship should be between the board & the membership?
  • What do we think the board should & shouldn't do?
  • What is our vision for Noisebridge as a whole?
  • How can the board meet if they're not allowed in the space?

[edit] New business

[edit] Closing

  • Read minutes
  • Record action items
  • Confirm next meeting time/date
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