Board meeting 2008-09-07

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  • Finalize the incorporation, sign papers approving Bylaws, etc.
  • write down the membership plan including suggested monthly dues so we can present it to the members in time to give them at least SOME discussion time
  • Solve the *current* key issue to the best of our ability. I'd like to talk about transitive trust, etc.
  • Work on a plan for consensus (in meetings and inter-board).
  • Come up with a way to ensure meetings do not introduce new topics to be decided on the spot (per Rachel's request). Hopefully we can also come up with a format for meetings that we can all agree upon (no railroading, ensuring people are heard, etc).
  • Discuss insurance issues.
  • Resolve our interpersonal differences if possible (it seems possible to me).
  • Air all of our grievances of the last few days.