Board meeting 2011-12-24

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Minutes for Noisebridge Board Meeting, 2011-12-24[edit]

In attendance[edit]

  • Al Sweigart
  • Rachel Hospodar
  • R. Miloh Alexander
  • Jonathan Lassoff, presiding.
  • Danny O'Brien, secreting.


  • Preparing for Annual General Members Meeting
  • Selection of Officers
  • Annual Report
  • Revision of bylaws
  • Any other business

Mr Sweigart proposed January 24th for the AGMM.

It was noted that this would mean most of the nomination period would take place over the holidays, and thedate was amended to January 31st.

Mr O'Brien proposed the motion, Mr Sweigart seconded. Passed unanimously.

A committee for the nomination of candidates for the board was formed, consisting of Mr Sweigart and Ms Hospodar. The committee will provide its list on January 10th.

The board agreed to postpone the matter of the method of the selection of officers to the new board, elected at the AGMM.

The board encouraged the treasurer and secretary to expeditiously prepare the Annual Report within 120 days of the end of the year.

It was decided to announce on the discuss list the intention to form a committee to revise the bylaws to fit better with the language and intent of Noisebridge.

There being no further business, Mr Lassoff closed the meeting.