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[edit] Introduction

This page is for document efforts beginning in 2017 to create a software OCR pipeline.

This is a continuation of efforts by the Digital Archivists Working Group to make the book scanner more convenient to work with.

[edit] Platform

The current hardware platform consists of the following elements-

  • A wooden book scanner\ frame, built by members of the Digital Archivists working group
  • Two cameras (currently Canon EOS Rebel T3), mounted in the book scanner
  • Lighting, glass plates, book platen
  • USB cables connecting cameras to computer
  • Apple Mac Mini (mid 2010: Core2Duo 2.4 GHz, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 320M 256MB)
  • macOS Sierra 10.12.3

[edit] Intent

The intent of this effort is provide an OCR facility to help create digital documents from the pages photographed by the book scanner platform. Aspects of this may include-

  • Photo manipulation (cropping, rotation, image adjustments)
  • Partitioning of photos to provide hints to the software about text versus image regions
  • OCR conversion of characters in photos to text files
  • Hooking into the OCR API to obtain confidence level or probability data about each image conversion result, possibly for directing the human operator to regions that may need correcting
  • Connecting together and automating of any of these aspects

[edit] Softwares

[edit] Scanner & Camera Control

  • CHDK: Camera control package that Steele Nivenson has been hacking on, to the point it's functioning quite well with used, low-cost 16MP mirrorless Canon pocket cameras (PowerShot A2200, A2500), in addition to the EOS DSLR lineup.

[edit] Acquisition & Image Post-Processing

[edit] Efforts

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