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Botbridge robotics club is on hiatus but there are new robotics clubs popping up and you could start one or get involved in one and reboot botbridge in a new form!

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Note: This page is for historic purposes only. It does not apply to the modern Noisebridge.

Botbridge is a beginner-friendly robotics club that meets on Mondays alongside Circuit Hacking.

Botbridge Robot Hacking Mondays[edit]

If you are new to robotics, you can also learn the circuit hacking classes to get acquainted with electronics parts codes and soldering techniques.

Current Projects[edit]

Mutt the Hexapod[edit]


  • Next Steps:
    • 3D printing leg parts
    • Acquire wire to tamiya adapters
  • Completed:
      • Acquired DiyIO, 13 servos, 8650x2 battery holder, Logitech LifeCam

badass robot operating system/controller that simulates any leg config and 3D prints its parts out for you!

    • November 16: 3D printed body and one of six legs (9 pieces, 3 motors), wired it to the body, manual control convulses the leg, very exciting first steps literally.

Flutter Scout[edit]

The Flutter Scout rover uses no screws and only tires, bushings and motor. The gears and slotted together parts all 3D printable.
  • Flutter Scout is a 3D printable robot based on the Flutter wireless controller by Taylor Alexander



Boe-bot is a simple robot we're working on for teaching purposes. It uses a Parallax board that can be programmed with BASIC. Software

Future Projects[edit]

  • Make a wireless DiyIO robot that communicates with the network powered by its own Android brain
  • CNC metal legs to make the

Noisebridge Robot Alumni Association[edit]

MC Hawking on Aug.25,2012, DORA Project

Kits we've used[edit]

  • Neuron Robotics DiyIO badass robot operating system/controller that simulates any leg config and 3D prints its parts out for you!
  • ReaDIYMate kits to make internet-connected things.

Noisebridge resources relevant to robotics[edit]

Organizer Contacts[edit]



  • Chris B
  • Divya


Nov 23 2015[edit]

  • Attending: Alex, Lisha, Joe, Chris
  • Lisha: I started a robotics controller project that could power agricultural and RC car controlling applications. We focused on crowdsourced design and I'm interested in a way for people to iterate on their designs such as walking.
  • Joe: I'm from Uganda and went to computer school there. One of my friends when I moved there has a hackspace in Uganda. Henry's group has been doing robots and whatever. They suggested I check out Noisebridge. The space is callde Hackers For Charity.
  • How to adjust the bot parts to fit better
    • Kevin is adjusting the parts to recess the servos deeper and fit the arms better.
  • How to manufacture the bot parts
    • Type A Machines could print parts for us
    • We should visit them in San Leandro
  • What the bot could do
    • Participate in making pizzas
      • Toppings placing and tossing
      • Slizing knife
      • Sauce laying tube
      • Field trip to learn about pizza hacking: Visit PizzaHacker and learn about his DIY oven

Nov 8 2015[edit]

  • Attending: Alex, Chris, Divya
  • Introductions
    • Alex: I teach game programming and that has always left me with robot envy because game AI characters cannot take over the actual world. So I want to build robots to be able to teach both virtual world and physical world taking overness to kids.
    • Divya: I'm here to absorb different types of hacking, software and hardware. I want to think creatively by exposing myself to random things till I find the idea I life and can focus on it.
    • Chris: I would like to build a robot. I've always wanted to build a robot. I plan on using this opportunity to motivate myself to finally put together the tabletop arm design I've had for a long time. I will put it to use building things for me. I can't physically build them all with my two hands. It will do fast accurate repetitive work. I could buy one like that, but its a lot of fun to build it. Once I have a relatively inexpensive arm that works well, I can replicate that and make a kit other people can build too!
  • What we did so far?
    • We gave a 5 minute presentation to the Chinese delegation at Circuit Hacking which was translated for them live!
    • We attempted to stuff the power connector plugs with something to get them to stay in but it wasn't working, we should get proper connector adapters
    • I think we need a Tamiya to pigtail connector
  • What would we like the robot to do?
    • Divya:
      • Massage walks on your back and lets you tell it where and how to massage you
        • This can be prototyped using the xbox controller before doing speech recognition
      • Monitoring your flat to record intruders such as land ladies
    • Lizzy
      • Challenge your friends who come in with a challenge of riddles
      • Pick up dog poop
      • Move like an animal
    • Safety:
      • Account for default mode and make sure that when it loses connection, crashes, etc, that it definitely shuts down
      • Training it to recognize table edges and avoid them
      • Potentially high power energy source
      • Thermistor on board to watch out for fire
      • Arms
      • Spider arms
      • No pincers!
      • One large one and one small one
    • Cameras
      • 360 cameras would be awesome for looking around through Oculus
      • Hemispherical mirror kit exists
      • OpenCV vision system
        • Face Detection
    • Speakers
    • Is our robot wireless?
    • N
  • Is the robot for home or office?
    • Detect emotion by doing voice stress analysis
    • Prosidy software
  • Voice detection could count how many times you say umm ahh and coach you
  • Game console so you can play games with and against it

    • Someone made a Tinder called Rumbler for starting fights in your area
    • Things to add to the robot
      • Sensors
        • Force sensors to know when the robot is touching something
    • Depth cameras such as kinect to sense the room around it.
    • Nerf gun
    • Do my homework