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Noisebrew brews things at Noisebridge and is a meetup group for anyone interested in fermentation and collaborating to produce beer at Noisebridge.

  • WHO': Anyone interested in brewing beer and fermentation in general.
  • MAINTAINERS: Senoraraton, Culteejen
  • RESOURCES: Brewing Kit in Proposals/Noisebrew being acquired. Donations of kit and pledges to help pay half welcome.
  • EVENTS: Brew meetup time TBD.
  • PROJECTS: Brew batches of beers for events like NB14.
  • CHANNELS: #brewing on Slack and Discord.

Signup for future event[edit]

Are you interested in participating in the brew events? Add your name here and contact info if you want to be notified till there's a mailing list.


Brew Masters[edit]

Brew Masters was Noisebridge's first Brew group founded by Frantisek with a major focus on Kombucha. Below pages are mostly historical till the new group spins up and updates things.

Note: This page is for historic purposes only. It does not apply to modern Noisebridge. | Edit

Brewing is an ancient art so let's behold the tradition and build up on it! This project is about learning the teachings of old and look at it through our eyes filled with scientific knowledge and understanding. Bringing today's technology in to the process will assure very tasty results with high levels of reproductivity and in the same time efficient time and energy investments. The goal is to bring the ancient art to todays world and enjoy doing what our fathers done and take it even further!

To follow our activity please do continue to visit this wiki page and check and post to our tread here

091 BM Events and meetings and of course mailing list

091 BM Projects

091 BM Guide

091 BM Wish list for the new place

091 BM The goals and aims of the project

091 Brew Masters Board IE Tread

091 BM Interesting links and projects in the field of brewing and fermentations