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Going to burning man? Post your location here so other noisebridgers can find you...

Martin Ranger Dr. Volts 
Outpost Berlin - 3 O'Clock Keyhole and C street
Christoph the Flying Hamburger 
Airport or Shack of Sit, Esplanade at 7:59

It may all be hearsay and rumor, but this is what i've gleaned from studiously reading the entire internets. Please edit/update/expand/make perty:

Ruuuuubin: ETA Sat 22nd -> Wed 2nd, Ardent Heavy Industries, 4:00 & A.

Rubin suggests a NOISEBRIDGE MEETUP on TUESDAY the 1st, @ Camp Ardent, 4:00 & A, "for dinner or something" HELLS YES! What TIME?

Daniel Silverstein: Fri 28th -> Mon 7th, Ocean's Serene Spa, Adapt & 8:30.

Mikolaj: arriving Sun or Mon, Hookahdome on Esplanade.

David Kelso: Sat 8/29 -> Mon 9/7, Station 9 Medical, under big glowing cross @ 9:00 plaza.

Martin/ Dr. Volts: arriving 26th, 3:00 Keyhole like he said, at Ranger Post Berlin. Also look for him at Ranger Outpost Tokyo Bar.

Cristoph Maier: Wed 2nd -> Sun 6th, (maybe 4:30 & P[ermian Extinction]).

Jesse Zbikowski: Sun/Mon 31st -> Mon 7th/8th, Ille Ville, 5:00 & Esplanade, some shifts @ Flaming Lotus Girls Soma Project.

Rachel McConnell: early morning Thurs 3rd -> Sun/Mon with Rebecca @ Playagon, at 9:00 and Fossil. our subcamp is Schwankytown.

Rich Gibson: Wed 26th -> overhood, Burning Man Earth Krew, near Media Mecca, by Center Camp... and Tom.

Matt Peterson: Wed 12th -> Wed 9th, Fusion Valley 3:00 Outpost/ NOC in Center Camp, member of Playatech team.

Andy Isaacson: Rathskellar (former Spike's Vampire Bar), 4:10 and B.

Dougie and Stella Worley: Rathskellar Bar (née UnderWorld Bar née Spike's Vampire Bar) - 4:10 and Biology.

Tom Longson (nym): heading out Sat 29th, arriving Sun 30th, leaving Sun 6th (latest); Burning Man Earth / Center Camp (near Media Mecca (...and Rich)); contact for iPhone beta team, Burning Man Earth iPhone app.

Peter Youngmeister: Gee... maybe the Gee-Gnome?!

Christie, aestetix, Praveen: Camp System w/ Illumination Village, 5:00 & Esplanade. Christie's present from Fri 28th -> Tue Sep 8th

mollybee: likely arriving early Friday 28th to help construct Arachnophobia, 3:30 & Center Camp, though i don't know where i'll be campinating. Has surfeit of hugs'n'kisses for all; please contact to collect.

Ed: Friday 28th - Monday, the 7th. Camping at 4:00 and A with Ardent Camp, can probably be found controlling 2pir with an iPhone.

matt, dorkmatt: Fusion Valley, 3 o'clock outpost behind Bad Idea Theater - look for the tower of wifi antennas and/or green LED rope light

Sorry for destroying your wiki; 'Justa'here from techinc.nl, the dutch hackerspace. Just landed at SFO, heading for burningman too. Look for a longhaired geek wearing a green kimono somewhere around 8B (perhaps around Dusty Goats). Might try and drop by the space tonight (24 Aug). Later