Camera data such as battery run time etc.

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The new Canon camera[edit]

On Sat, Jul 23rd 2011, the camera survived taking automatically triggered pictures for 1.25h (9pm..10:15pm) with low light (late evening, only artificial lights in noisebridge), with the following settings:

  • Camera started fully charged
  • Intervalometer set to approx. 2.7s
  • Display set to turn off after 10s
  • Auto power off switched off
  • Manual mode 'P'

Battery runtime data with the camera doing nothing, but auto power off disabled. INSERT HERE! FIXME: There is a setting for the timeout after which the lens will be retracted. Figure out whether this acts in any way like auto power off. What happens when the trigger is pressed once fully (or the way the intervalometer emulates it) when the camera was powered but with lens retracted?

Chris, please insert here :-)