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Category for WikiWG's resources & core maintained pages.

Use it to tag pages they are primarily, exclusively responsible for, or that are best considered managed by them, and grouped with other pages of interest to the Wiki Working Group. See also WGs.

WG[edit | edit source]

Category for Working Groups (WGs). Working Groups maintain core functions of the space for the community, working "on the space", addressing enduring concerns of the space and space participants, and affecting participants who may not contribute to the WG, or many not be aware of it. By contrast, guilds focus on sharing knowledge and safe practice of a craft, "for guild participants, in the space".

Our working groups have goals they aim to achieve within the context of (at least) the makerspace's resources, wp:working group. In this usage, guilds harken back to mastery of a craft or trade in a certain area, wp:guild.

Working Groups should have

  • A wiki page to coordinate
    • With a place in the template hierarchy
    • With Slack and Discord channels
    • With Maintainers listed, ideally on a subpage, to support separate mw:Transclusion onto other pages.
    • A clear mission. And if applicable, goals to accomplish before disbanding.
    • A sponsoring Guild

Copy the source of this section into new WG pages, and gradually replace parts with appropriate information.

Or briefly, temporarily, transclude via {{:Category:WG}}

Previous related thinking documented as FractalWorkingGroup pattern proposal.

About Category usage[edit | edit source]

  • To Categor-ize a page, include: [[Category:WikiWG]]
  • To link the page of a Category, include: [[:Category:WikiWG]]
  • To transclude a Category's content, include: {{Category:WikiWG}}; invoking it as a template

See also, help:formatting or help:editing, or Wiki/Learn.


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