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Its About 325am here at Noise Bridge and im a little bit irriated. Let me introduce myself. !st of my name is Brandon. Im the newish heavyset black mail hoping to become a member soon. As it has come to my attention there have been some things that have been taking off of the memers shelves recently. As I am a new member I would expect a lil bit of raised eyes in my direction. But tonight do to some misinformation I was horaving around a borederline of memebers only area in search of a missing item. I was confronted rather harshly by somehere and not in so many words acts to leave. Afeter that point. I returned to my work and begging digging in the "hackable" area. At this point another person comes up to me very rudly and ask ME WHAT WAS i DOING GOING THRU THIS AREA AND THAT WE DONT LIKE PEOPLE HERE GOING THRU THE "HACKABLE ITEMS" HE THEN PROCEEDE TO THE DOOR AND BASCIALLY HOVERED OVER ME STARING AND WATCH ME. aT THIS POINT i HAVE AN ATTIUE AND i WALK AWAY. tHE POINT OF THIS POST IS TO SAY THAT I FEEL OFFENDED AND I DESERVE AN APOLIGY FOR SOMEONE. iM new i GET IT BUT SHOW SOME RESPECT ABOUT HOW YOU APPROACH PEOPLE.