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-- Date TBD, but 1 month long, perhaps starting end-of-March-2013

Noisebridge China Trip #2 Visit to Petrochemical Univeristy, Beijing

During Noisebridge China Trip #2, while visiting Petrochemical University, we came up with the idea for this trip.
The main purpose for the China Hackers In Residence Program is to encourage a change in Chinese culture. For many reasons, Chinese culture is slow to explore creativity and innovation. But these qualities need to be explored by some percentage of Chinese people if there is to be an economic future there (as elsewhere). One way to encourage creativity and innovation is through hackerspaces. This HIR Program is another. And they are mutually beneficial to people in China, and the world. That's the idea, anyhow.

When: TBD, 1 month long, perhaps starting end-of-March-2013,
and ending end-of-April-2013, at Maker Carnival 2013. This trip overlaps Noisebridge China Trip #3 at the Maker Carnival.

Where: Petrochemical University, Beijing.

Cost: Flight, room, and board -- all expenses paid by Petrochemical University.
You'll want to spend some money for going out and having fun.
If you also go on the Noisebridge China Trip #3, expenses for these extra 3 weeks of traveling, room, and board elsewhere in China is not included

China Hackers In Residence Program[edit]

10 outsiders will go to Beijing, all expenses paid and stay at Petrochemical University for a month (round trip air fare, room and board -- all paid by the university). We will be taught how to use the way cool, professional manufacturing fabrication tools (that exist at all Chinese universities, and that all students are required to learn, but never use) by students at the university. We then play and make things, and give some workshops. Then any university student who wants to be part of the program will be encouraged to collaborate to make cool projects, which they will show off to everyone at the end of the month. And, if the Maker Carnival is happening (it's not a sure thing yet -- the first one last year was awesome!, and took place at the end of April), the end of this HIR Program will happen at Maker Carnival 2013, and all of the projects will be shown off at the Maker Carnival (the student's and ours).

Those who are part of the HIR program can also be part of the Noisebridge Trip To China #3, which starts at Maker Carnival 2013 (assuming it happens), and goes for 3 weeks (to travel to all cities in China with hackerspaces, and visit manufacturers to see how manufacturing works). The Noisebridge Trip To China #3 is limited to 10 people -- members of the HIR program have precedence over others to go on Noisebridge Trip To China #3.