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Chinese Corner Students Skory - (Well, I live in Pennsylvania now. But may Mandarin corner live on without me!) Mitch - I don't know Mandarin, but I want to learn, and having a group might just help me motivate.

(Re:Above) If enough Mandarin beginners are interested I'd be happy to teach some basics of character writing and grammar. But please do not try to learn pronunciation from me! -skory

Molly - I speak survival Mandarin and just got back from a year living/working in China. My pronunciation is fairly natural, though my vocabulary limited. I read and write around 500 characters, but want to collect the whole set! Win big prizes! Happy Everyday!

rachel - Oh yeah. Coming in a little late on this but BLTN. I can offer a bunch of beginner flash cards I made. Also I know how to talk about farting. Wednesday, Thursday not good for me... Friday!

Adam - I also know a few unsavory phrases but would like to learn more conversational mandarin.

quinn - I would really love to do this, and probably bring the most shear ignorance to the group. Whenever is good for me. I'm slightly more interested in writing than speaking atm.

Matt - I also can talk about farting! Any day of the week is an excellent day for fart talk!

Charie - I can talk household mandarin. Any day of week is good.

Eric - I am taking Mandarin classes at the local chinese cultural center, two lessons in. Looking for people to practice with and time to do my homework in... a Ursula - I am interested and would like to speak solely in Mandarin, with a realistic margin of error in the 20% range. 我 要 练习 普通话。

Miloh I'm a perennial Mandarin student. Texts and history to share. Interested in learning about schools in Dalian

乐赞 aka leks - Studied Mandarin in college and would like to keep using it. Used to be pretty solid in conversation and writing characters, but 大学毕业以来开始忘记一切。 Tue/Wed/Thurs nights are good for me. I used to show up Tuesdays at 6 and sit around trying to remember vocab by using, but got lonely.