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Press Release:
XLterrestrials Productions
9.10.14 (updated)
contact: Paolo Podrescu


Re: The CiTiZEN KINO project - now on TOUR [ Aug. 15 - December 15 ]

An arts and activism show, which combines curated film screenings with
live theater, performance, hacker culture, lecture and faux lecture,
symposium and public debates on current world events and strategies for
eco-socio-psycho-econo-political transformations.


Dear concerned and engaged CiTiZENS,

We are currently on tour in Europe and the U.S. from Aug. 15 - December
15, 2014.

Follow all the updates, address details, links HERE:



9.16 SudoRoom/Omni 19h
9.18 New Nothing Cinema 20h
9.19 Noisebridge 19h ( + afterparty )


CiTiZEN KINO is a series of events where each episode has a focus on
urgent topics in today's climate of global instability and environmental +
social crises, insurrections and political upheaval. We have explored
everything from the energy crisis to environmental collapse,
gentrification, cultural hijacking and economic hostage-taking, the
surveillance state to technological acceleration, hacker communities,
reclaiming the commons, community gardens and cultures of resistance.

Our latest episode – C-KiNO #40 : All You Can’t Eat !
– focuses on digital culture in this extremely precarious and dubious era
of predatory corporate capitalism + technotopian extremism. We’ll examine
the technological landscapes which are rapidly shaping civilizations with
so many undemocratic agendas, questionable ‘progress’ and disturbing trends.

We’ll be reflecting on the situations now often described as the
post-Snowden internet, or as the XLt terms a “cybernetic regime”. We assess
the dangers and discuss possible new routes to maneuver and intervene in
this information-flooded, over-networked and now fully militarized social

With a variety of current research from the likes of Astra Taylor, Evgeny
Morozov, and excerpts from an illuminating public domain documentary
called Eyewar from Root and Thorn. We also include insights from
Berlin-based projects like Chaos Communications Congress ( Europe's oldest
and largest hacker convergence) , Tactical Tech Collective ( a public
advocacy and watchdog group similar to The Electronic Frontier Foundation
in California ), the art group Telekommunisten ( coders and cultural
tinkerers now working with Thoughtworks ) and festivals like Transmediale,
 Re:publica and events put on by Berliner Gazette. Plus we always features
a wide variety of unusual audio-visual specimens, which will be used to
experiment with you - the media-users.


Deep Respex,

dr.Podinski AND the XLterrestrials

arts + praxis organisms

twitter: @podinski

arts + praxis organisms