Cultured Drinks Brewing Program/Class Overview 15/9/2010

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Brewing Course – Class - I. 15/9/2010

theoretical introduction into kombucha culturing

SCOBY; growing media components (sugar, tea, starter, water); aerobic fermentation; harvesting; flavoring; bottling; secondary fermentation

recipe preparation

Vc (culture volume) = 10 l; sugar amount = 0.8 l; tea amount = 57 g; starter volume = 0.5 l

design of experiment


production of good tasting kombucha probiotic beverage

interbreeding of various kombucha SCOBYs

determination of the effect of culture volume on the taste of the beverage

materials and methods

sugar (1)

green tea - gunpowder (2)

starting culture - gunpowder kombucha batch

SCOBY - mix of several SCOBYs (3)

water - tap water

experimental procedure

- determination of culture volume and starter volume for culture vessels based on volume ratios:

KT-I. Vc = 8.5 l; starter culture V = 0.43 l

KT-II. Vc = 8.1 l; starter culture V = 0.4 l

KT-III. Vc = 3.3 l; starter culture V = 0.15 l

Vc(total) = 19.89 l

rounded up total Vc = 20 l; sugar amount = 1.6 l; tea amount = 114 g; starter cultured added by vessel

- tea-sugar cocktail preparation:

- 5 l of tap water brought to boil in stainless steel pot

- flame switched off when boiling point reached

- 0.5 l of room temperature water added to cool the solution to approximately 90°C

- 114 g of gunpowder tea added and stirred, vessel covered with lid and left to steep for 17 min

- tea strained

- 1.6 l of sugar added and stirred until dissolved

tasting - taste 6/10; sweetness 7/10; strong gunpowder tea taste

- 11.39 l water at room temp added

tasting - taste 5/10; sweetness 6/10

- temperature of the medium around 30°C

- 2 l of water at room temp added

- medium divided in to the fermentation vessels based on volume ratio

- water added to bring volume to culture volume in all vessels

- starter culture added based on volume ratio

- kombucha SCOBYs added:

KT-I. - half hibiscus and half black tea SCOBY

KT-II. - half hibiscus and half black tea SCOBY

KT-III. - black and hibiscus SCOBYs blended 1:1 together in blender in growing medium

- culture vessels covered with muslin cloth and tightened by a wire

- cultures transfered to the Tastebridge area (4) and left to ferment at room temperature

- harvest of the cultures estimated within 6-8 days

(1) Sugar Cane Sugar - Evaporated Cane Juice, Wholesome Sweeteners, Certified Organic Sugar, Net. Wt. 11.34 kg

(2) Rainbow Community Cooperative, SF

(3) hibiscus kombucha SCOBY; black tea SCOBY

(4) KT-II. transfered in to external location, samples expected