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Brewing Course – Class - II. 22/9/2010

Theoretical introduction into kombucha culturing:

SCOBY; growing media components (sugar, tea, starter, water); aerobic fermentation; harvesting; flavoring; bottling; secondary fermentation

Recipe preparation

Vc (culture volume) = 10 l; sugar amount = 0.8 l; tea amount = 57 g; starter volume = 0.5 l


-production of good tasting kombucha pro-biotic beverage

-various teas for different batches

Materials and methods

sugar (1)

green tea - gunpowder (2)

black tea - lapsang suchong and puer (2)

starting culture - gunpowder kombucha batch, harvested on 22/9/2010

SCOBY - mix of several SCOBYs (3)

water - tap water

Experimental procedure

- determination of culture volume and starter volume for culture vessels based on volume ratios, indication of the used tea type:

KT-I. Vc = 8.5 l; starter culture V = 0.5 l; green tea

KT-II. Vc = 11 l; starter culture V = 0.7 l; green tea

KT-III. Vc = 3.3 l; starter culture V = 0.15 l; green tea

KT-IV. Vc = 1.6 l; starter culture V = 0.08 l; green tea

KT-V. Vc = 1.6 l; starter culture V = 0.08 l; lapsang suchong

KT-VI. Vc = 1.6 l; starter culture V = 0.08 l; puer

Composition of the brew for green tea

Vc (total) = 25 l; sugar 2 l; tea amount = 142.5 g (gunpowder); starter per vessel

20:10 7 l of tap water added to stainless steel pot and transferred on the stove (gas)

20:29 flame switched off when boiling point reached

20:30 0.7 l of room temperature water added to cool the solution to approximately 80-90°C

20:30 142.5 g of gunpowder tea added and stirred, vessel covered with lid and left to steep for 18 min

20:48 tea strained

20:51 1 l of sugar added and stirred until dissolved

tasting - taste 5/10; sweetness 8/10; can taste gunpowder tea taste

21:14 water added up to 23 l (it is the ratio of ingredients to the final culture volume which is important, therefore adjustment to the final volume is done at the end with water in the fermentation vessels)

tasting - taste 5/10; sweetness 6/10

- temperature of the medium around 30°C

- total of 1.5 l of water added to bring volume to culture volume in all vessels

- starter culture added based on volume ratio (should be added before the previous step!)

- mothers added to the cultures:

mother from KT-I 15/9/2010 to KT-I 22/9/2010

6 pieces of black and hibiscus mothers (1 inch x 1/2 inch) added to KT-IV 22/9

12 pieces black and hibiscus mothers to KT-II. 22/9

mother from KT-III 15/9/2010 to KT-III 22/9/2010

- culture vessels covered with muslin cloth and tightened by a wire

- cultures transfered to the Tastebridge area (4) and left to ferment at room temperature

- harvest of the cultures estimated within 6-8 days

recipe for KT-V and KT-VI :

Vc = 1.6 l

128 ml of sugar

1 TB (table spoon) of tea (KT-V lapsang suchong and KT-VI puer)

80 ml of the starter

ginger-hibiscus infusion:

1 c of graded ginger

1 c of dried hibiscus

1.6 l of boiling tap water

00:24 water added to the tea for KT-V and KT-VI brews

00:40 ingredients mixed and let to simmer for 10 min on the stove

00:44 tea strained, sugar added and dissolved, tap water added, starter added and final Vc volume reached by adding more tap water

tasting – KT-V 22/9/2010 – taste 5/10, sweetness 6/10

SCOBY for KT-V – mix of 6 pieces of black and hibiscus brewed kombucha

tasting – KT-VI 22/9/2010 – taste 5/10, sweetness 6/10 (fishy taste)

SCOBY for KT-VI – mix of 6 pieces of black and hibiscus brewed kombucha

1:15 infusion strained

tasting – strong 8/10, very intensive tail and acidic flavor

added 1/3 c of sugar

tasting KT-III (started on 15/9/2010)

tasting – taste 5/10, sweetness 5/10, mix of KT-III and KT-I (started on 15/9/2010), mixed 1:1 (around 6 l in total)

1.6 l of infusion added to the mix

tasting – taste 6/10, sweetness 6/10

bottled and labeled as “mix 22/9/2010”

All kombuchas harvested on 22/9/2010 were bottled and closed tight and left at room temperature to secondary ferment for approximately next 24 hours.

2:30 am kitchen clean and ready to be used again

Hackers involved – Sara, Sam, Joshua, Jessie and Frantisek

prices of ingredients: lapsang suchong $17.92/lb; gunpowder $27.25/lb; sugar cane sugar $1.71/lb

(1) Sugar Cane Sugar - Evaporated Cane Juice, Wholesome Sweeteners, Certified Organic Sugar, Net. Wt. 11.34 kg

(2) Rainbow Community Cooperative, SF

(3) hibiscus kombucha SCOBY; black tea SCOBY

(4) KT-II. transfered in to external location, samples expected