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Cleaning Agents and Health[edit]

Commercially available chemical-based cleaners contain neurotoxins and endocrine disruptors. Such products are directly counterproductive to the goal of health improvement. They also have other consequential effects, supporting corporatism of multinational chemical companies that also poison us with GMOs and pharmaceuticals (DOW, Bayer, BASF, P&G), and must be transported using foreign oil and through the usual corpocratic channels of GMA and national distributors.

Garrett's Homemade Orange Oil Cleaner[edit]

Non-toxic, chemical-free cleaner that smells great, disinfects, and repels pests.

Use as a general purpose cleaner. For laundry, use 2 tbsp + 2 tbsp baking soda.

The orange peel contains orange oil and is naturally extracted by leaving the dried peels in the jar with vinegar. Clove and orange oil both disinfect and repel pests. A few drops of non-toxic soap (homemade, or Dr. Bronner's) can be added to increase slipperiness for removing dirt.


1) Dried citrus peels (orange, lemon, lime)
2) jar or container to hold (1)
3) Vinegar
4) Clove powder (optional)
5) 1-2 tsp of Soap (optional)


Fill each jar with peels. Add clove powder, soap and fill with vinegar. Shake well. Wait a day, and then use it for cleaning.

Getting Creative[edit]

Try other herbs and oils such as mint, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary, cedar, basil, and cardamom.

Borax to kill Bugs[edit]

Borax can be safely applied to underneath of the refrigerator and atop cabinets and will kill insects, including roaches.

Borax consumption may raise testosterone in men when ingested but it may irritate skin on contact.

You can also make borax 'baits' --- mix borax with a sugar or starch to attract roaches, leave it out for their consumption. Many recipes for borax bait can be found online.

Diatomaceous Earth[edit]

Mostly silica, diatomaceous earth punctures exoskeletons and dehydrate bugs. Use similarly to borax. As a warning it will irritate lungs if inhaled! You can find it online, in bulk at Rainbow Grocery or at some garden & hardware stores.