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Club Mate is a not very sweet, dry soda made in Germany. Super popular with the Hacktiirs, its pronounced MAH-TEY! (Cf. Yerba Mate Tea)

We normally try to keep a good supply of Club Mate at Noisebridge because it is great to drink while hacking. It's not very common in the states (though getting more so), so it's a bit of a unique feature that we have it. It's also a good fundraiser for us. We normally ask about 4-5 dollar donation per bottle and get them for about half that, so this really helps pay our rent.

Guy Fawkes gets his Mate on
Club Mate stashed at Noisebridge

Ordering Club Mate[edit]

Last updated 2019

We normally order our club mate from Ferrymen ( Our contact is Alex Rethwisch and they can be reached at alex at ferrymen dot net.

When we last ordered in 2018, it was $40 per case. There are additional costs for acquiring or renting a vehicle to cart all the cases to Noisebridge from their storage in Oakland.

There are two types of cases (both types are $40 per case):

Original bottles values are 330ml (24 bottles per case) and 500ml (20 bottles per case), equals 11.2 oz and 16.9oz. But in the US the small bottle is known as 12oz, the big one as 16oz.

The big one has much more Maté for the buck. But fewer per case and the price is higher, so we probably make a bit less when we order the big ones.

The 2600 Hacker Magazine group also sells Club Mate. Normally it's more expensive than ferrymen but once in a while they have a good deal if the Club Mate is going to expire soon. Shipping is normally more because it ships from New York area. Contact is Kyle Drosdick. Email is flyko at A pallet is 48 cases.


"Man gewöhnt sich daran..." Literally, one gets used to it.

It does have some other meanings, You get used to (can) get accustomed to it or in the sense of (suck it up, it'll be ok) you'll get used to it...or you can build up a resistance to it....weird. Strange slogan... --Charlotte 13:53, 21 June 2009 (PDT)