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Local Community Outreach[edit]

We are looking for more help coordinating collaboration with local schools and other Mission district organizations. If you are interested in helping out, or if you are part of a local organization and would like to use the space, equipment, or workshop teachers at Noisebridge, please contact


Noisebridge also hosts paid workshops to help pay for our rent and equipment maintenance. Our offerings include:

taught by Robert N[edit]

Water filter that has sensors that display pH, ppm, and OTH. Option to get paper microscopes to examine the water.

Put together an alarm clock soldering kit. Option to do it with one kit per person (it's likely not everyone will finish), or together as a group.

Put together the Hearty badge soldering kit.

taught by David G[edit]

Build an interactive room light and circadian trainer (automatically dims when it's close to bedtime).

Build a wearable interactive garment incorporating lights and sensors

Build a solar powered weather station

Put together an electronic musical instrument, requiring soldering. Option to do it with one kit per person (it's likely not everyone will finish), or together as a group.

taught by Tim S[edit]

Class is in two 3 - 4 hour sessions.

Want to get some hands-on experience in molecular biology? We are offering a 2 day introductory course that will guide you through the basics of molecular biology and the techniques of bacterial transformation, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and gel electrophoresis.

Transformation is an essential laboratory procedure for incorporating foreign DNA into microbes. Not only will you learn the underlying biology of how this method works, but you will use it to engineer bacteria that express green fluorescent protein! Then you'll learn how PCR works and use it to amplify (copy) a gene that produces GFP and then visualize it by running a gel.

To participate in class you have to be 18+ years old or be accompanied by someone who is 18+ years old.

Attendees must wear close toed shoes and long pants. Long hair must be tied back or otherwise secured. Please wear heat resistant fibers.

fluorescent petri dish

taught by Dave P[edit]

Ethical hacking

Appropriate for high schoolers