Computer music techniques

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Computer Music Tutorial References

Harmonic Additive Synthesis
Fixed waveform additive using harmonics or partials
Time varying additive synthesis
Additive analysis/resynthesis. Use realtime input and a filter bank (FFT) to generate the analysis, then modify and resynthesize.

  Earth's Magnetic Field, Charles Dodge. Driving functions from geomatric, stochastic and mathematic models. (1970)
  Stria, John Chowning. Additive synthesis of inharmonic spectra. (1977)
  Phrases (Formes language of Rodet and Cointe 1984)
  Tendency Masks (POD system of Truax 1977)
  Sound Objects (SSSP system of Buxton et al. 1978)
  Clouds (Roads 1978c, 1991)
  Inharmonique, Jean-Claude Risset (1970)

Waves n'shit
  Multiple Wavetable Synthesis

  Wave Terrain Synthesis

  Granular Synthesis

  Subtractive Synthesis

  Subtractive analysis/synthesis

  Linear Predictive Coding

Modulation Synthesis
  bipolar versus unipolar signals
  Ring Modulation
  Amplitude Modulation
  Frequency Modulation
  Multiple Carrier FM
  Multiple Modulator FM
  Feedback FM
  Phase Distortion

Physical Modeling and Formant Synthesis
  Physical Modeling Synthesis
  Source and Parameter Analysis for Physical Modeling
  Karplus-Strong Synthesis
  Formant Synthesis (FOF and CHANT and VOSIM MOR transformations)

Waveform Segment, Graphic and Stochastic Synthesis
  Waveform Segment Techniques
    Linear Interpolation
    GEN functions
  Graphic Sound Synthesis
    Graphic Synthesis with MIDI?
  Noise Modulation
    Noise Modulated FM and AM
    Waveshaping with random functions
  Stochastic Waveform Synthesis
    Dymanic Stochastic Synthesis