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Confessions Of A Pickup Artist Chaser[edit]

N.B. CANCELED: Too much confusion! Clarisse is doing a reading at Good Vibrations on the 5th though, at 1620 Polk St.

Presentation and discussion about pickup artists from the feminist S&M writer Clarisse Thorn. She recently released a book that may be ridiculous, brilliant, or both; it's called Confessions of a Pickup Artist Chaser: Long Inteviews With Hideous Men.

More on the book: Amazon page (you can also find it at Smashwords)

Longer description:

There's an enormous subculture of men who trade tips, tricks, and tactics for seducing women. Within the last half-decade or so, these underground "pickup artists" have burst into the popular consciousness, aided by Neil Strauss’s bestselling book "The Game" and VH1’s hit reality show "The Pick-Up Artist." Some men in the seduction community are sleazy misogynists who want nothing more than power and control. Some are shy wallflowers who don't know how to say hi to a girl. The one thing they all have in common is a driving need to attract women. Clarisse Thorn, a feminist S&M writer and activist, spent years researching these guys. She observed their discussions, watched them in action, and learned their strategies. By the end of it all, she'd given a lecture at a seduction convention and decided against becoming the next great dating coach.

Time: canceled

Location: Noisebridge, open conference area or wherever the PowerPoint can be set up

Event Organizer: Clarisse Thorn

Contact: clarisse dot thorn at gmail