Cooking Classes/Class Overview 21/9/2010

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Tastebridge Cooking Class, 21/9/2010

Types of food prepared:

Creamy cheese sauce with couscous, vegetarian Vegetable salad with almonds and white vinegar and mustard dressing, vegan Mashed yucca with butter and cream, vegetarian Rypl, graded potatoes with whole wheat flour, black paper and smoked paprika, vegan Roasted yucca with garlic and olive oil Roasted wild rice with olive oil, black pepper and garlic

Cheese sauce:

1 small clove garlic

1/4 c butter

1/8 c flour

2 c grated cheddar cheese

2 TB grated parmesan

2 c half & half

1/8 c finely chopped parsley

1/2 TB salt or to taste

ground black pepper to taste

thyme to taste

Melt butter, add cream, simmer then add cheese. Stir to melt. Add salt, garlic, and spices. Create roux from butter and flour and add to sauce to thicken. Stir in parsley just before serving. Can be served with pasta or couscous.

Mashed Yucca:

1 lb yucca

2 TB butter

1/2 c half & half

salt & pepper to taste

nutritional yeast to taste

Cut yucca into 1/2-1 inch cubes. Boil until soft enough to mash. Mash and combine with remaining ingredients. Serve warm.

Salad Dressing:

3 TB white vinegar

1/2 tsp mustard

3/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

Mix all of the above and add 1/2 cup olive oil slowly.


3 lb peeled grated potatoes

1/2 TB black pepper

1/2 TB smoked paprika

1 TB salt, to taste

1/2 c whole wheat flour

Stir spices and salt into potatoes evenly. Add flour evenly. Sprinkle in thin layer on parchment paper and bake at 350 F for 45 minutes.

Agar Agar gel:

750 ml tamarind juice (Boing brand)

150 ml coconut milk (Goya brand)

50 ml maple syrup

1/6 c agar agar

Mix juice, coconut milk, syrup, and agar in a pot. Stir over heat until boiling. Simmer for 10 minutes while stirring constantly. When agar is mostly dissolved transfer to mold and refrigerate until firm.

Lilia, Owen, Meena, Dali and Frantisek