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Creality CR-10[edit]

Creality CR-10.jpg

WORKING as of 2020-04-14.


For the sake of a smoother printing experience for everyone, use OctoPrint to run your print jobs instead of shuffling microSD cards around.

From within the space, the CR-10 can be accessed from the Noisebridge Wi-Fi network at http://octopi.noise (or http://octopi.local on some systems).

Elsewhere, you can get on OctoPrint remotely via (requires Slack authentication). Use this to check up on your builds while you're stepping out for a bite to eat. (If this isn't working, ping @spinda.)

If you have SSH access to Unicorn, you can hop from a shell on that server to the Raspberry Pi console with ssh -p 6001 pi@


The hardware topology of the CR-10 set-up is as follows:

  • Power strip
    • TanTan Wi-Fi switch
      • CR-10 printer (power)
    • TanTan Wi-Fi switch
      • USB hub (power)
    • Raspberry Pi
      • CR-10 printer (blue USB cable)
      • USB hub (black USB cable)
        • Webcam (USB power)
        • Lamp (USB power)
        • Keypad (USB)

TODO: The Raspberry Pi 3 that drives the CR-10 has two of its USB ports busted. Things (such as the keypad) don't plug into those ports right, and attempting to do so causes the Pi to reset its USB bus (which is particularly bad if it's driving the printer at the time). We may want to replace it with another Pi 3, or a Pi 4 (there is a spare Pi 4 charger on the table as of 2020-02-12). @boredzo has offered to donate a spare Pi 3 Model B to this cause.

TODO: The keypad isn't plugged in at the moment. Though the Pi has only two working USB ports, one of them has the hub plugged into it, so we may be able to make this work without replacing the Pi by plugging the keypad into the hub.