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It's a workshop! it's on the 20th of December! Perfect for Christmas and impressing that family that never forgave you for getting into nouveaux California cuisine.

Day one: To arbitrarily pick a time let's say 2pm. We'll cover infusing, straining, blending, baking and so on, working in batches. I will also subject you to some of my philosophy of cooking and probably demo some truffle making, including a water ganache. (This is good for getting the vegans to forgive you for making tasty desserts they can't eat.) There will be additives for a second batch if you want to learn flavors. Late will be fine, and the cremes will live in my fridge nearby since there is no chance what so ever of them fitting in NB's fridge.

Day two: Burn, motherfucker, burn. Where motherfucker = an evenly applied layer of white sugar. We can do just about anytime, I should be around a lot. (with arrangement this can happen through tuesday)

There will be a materials charge, $15 per person with ramekins, $6 is you can bring your own. Your materials charge gets to heavy cream, vanilla bean, special sugar, non-special sugar, eggs, and ramekins. also, some flavorings to play with. depending on how much these set me back i might pass the hat a bit.

There will be a cap of six people. sorry so few- tiny oven!

Interest[edit | edit source]

cooking with blowtorches is perfectly suited to the space. Rigel

I am up to help and also bringing a blowtorch - ian (verbal)

Steve c has interest but works retail and cannot attend tip the evening of the 20th. Happy to catch what I can on the 21st.User:Mrcamuti

Tentative yes from Asheesh. Will confirm for real by noon thirty or so on Sat.

  • This is a real confirm, see y'all soon.