Cuddle Puddle for the Economy

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You there! You're probably reading this website on a computer, likely a laptop. I don't care if you are an adroit ambidextrous acrobat with the most ergonomically designed adjustable split Dvorak keyboard-- your constant hacking is garnering repetitive stress-induced muscle tension. I understand you need to finish breaking the Internet, soldering that devious device to rule the world, photograph all these pre-Armageddon moments in their glory seconds, and finish programming the tool that will allow you to code the program to make the tool to immeasurably benefit all of humanity, but PLEASE!... take a "compiling break" and come on down to the Noisebridge Nest for summa the rubba dubba.

What you knead, you knotty rapscallions, is a MASSAGE PARTY. It'll be an informal skill share! Come to learn a technique, share a style, and participate in both giving and receiving massage in a relaxed anarchic practicum. Maybe we'll be inspired to resurrect summer camp-style massage chains! Maybe someone will know some Thai style body massage. Or maybe some acupressure would better hit the spot. It's easier to tune massage skills with biofeedback through your meat-space avatar than trying to grok it via Wikipedia or on a video through a series of tubes, just sayin'.

Let's practice some stress-hacking with the ethics of openness, sharing, decentralization, and world improvement. Note: this does not mean nudity. And save your Happy Ending problem for your mathematical proofs of convex quadrilaterals. <3

Come to your senses: Cuddle Puddle for the Economy! (Why for the economy? It saves on heating costs.)

Time and Day: To Be Decided, by you, in the discussion tab. This would be awesome as a recurring weekly event.

Add your name below if you are interested.