Cultured Drinks Brewing Program/Class Overview 13/10/2010

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Class Overview 13/10/2010

We have harvested all kombuchas and honey-whey coolers. The data would be posted tomorrow. We have had a foreign visitor who is a cellar master in Manchester, UK. It was really fun to have him around and we are now going to do some "life sampling" in to the pubs in the neighborhood.

Talk to you soon,


Brewing Class IV. 13/10/2010

18:30 basic regular theoretical overview of kombucha culture.

19:00 KT-IV. 29/9/2010 (maté) harvested

kombucha SCOBY - nice and white, 4-6 mm thick, is approximately as thick after 14 days as SCOBYs growing in black teas after 7 days

tasting - taste 6/10; sweetness 6/10; strong 7/10; nice very strong flavor combined with acidity, very mature, ready to be bottled

19:28 3 l harvested, labeled as KT-IV 29/9/10 maté 13/10 and left secondary ferment at room temperature

19:32 KH 6/10/2010 (hibiscus) harvested

kombucha SCOBY - very nice and thick 6-7 mm, reddish from hibiscus

tasting - taste 5/10; sweetness 5/10;

5/4 c of sugar added in total dissolved in 3/2 c of water

tasting - taste 6/10; sweetness 6/10

20:19 8.5 l harvested, labeled as hk 13/10 hibiscus k. and left secondary ferment at room temperature

20:26 C-I 6/10/2010 - bubbling nicely; deep yellow color

tasting - 7/10; sweetness 6/10; very nice honey flavor

3.5 l harvested, labeled as C-I honey cooler 6/10/10 and left secondary ferment at room temperature

20:54 gk 6/10/10 (gunpowder)

kombucha SCOBY - very nice strong and white, a little bit weaker on few spots

tasting - taste 5/10; sweetness 5/10 --> 1/2 c of sugar added

tasting - taste 6/10; sweetness 6/10, could a bit more sweet but ready to bottled

10.3 l harvested, labeled as gk 6/10/10 plain gunpowder 13/10/10 and left secondary ferment at room temperature

It was a really nice and quite session, thanks to our foreign guest Jan for help, I hope that he had enjoyed his stay with us!

More kombucha and coolers will be brewed soon.