Cultured Drinks Brewing Program/Class Overview 20/10/2010

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Brewing Class Notes 20/10/2010

gk 9/10/2010 (gunpowder kombucha started on 9/10/2010)

18:47 harvesting 6 half gallon jars prepared on the workshop during the Underground Market on 9/10/2010 in Oakland

- mothers are nice, white and compact, they were removed and stored at cold

- whole batch strained through muslin and mixed

tasting - taste 5/10, strength 7/10, it is too strong, it was left to fermented for too long

19:20 harvested 7.8 l, labeled as gk 20/10/2010 (gunpowder) and left secondary ferment at room temperature

20:04 around 40 beer bottles cleaned

c-I 29/9/2010 (honey-whey cooler started on 29/9/2010)

tasting - taste 7/10, sweetness 5/10, it is a bit stronger but taste good

- measured 10 l of the base and added 320 ml of honey dissolved in 400 ml of water

tasting - taste 7/10, sweetness 6/10, ready to be bottled

20:40 bottling done, 24 beer bottles prepared and left secondary ferment at room temperature

21:01 ginger infusion prepared - 150 g of freshly graded ginger, added to 450 ml of water and let to simmer for 10 min

c-I 29/9/2010 - 12 l of cooler base were flavored by the freshly made ginger infusion (strained in to the base) and 1 l of strained hibiscus infusion (prepared at 8:30 13/10 - 2l of H2O + 75 g of dried hibiscus)

tasting - taste 6/10, sweetness 5/10

- adding 530 ml of honey dissolved in 610 ml of water

tasting - 7/10, sweetness 6/10, it is very good

21:57 harvested around 12 l

22:10 everything harvested, bottled and labeled and left to secondary ferment at room temperature

22:15 preparing inoculum - 380 ml of whey (mixture) mixed with approximately 30 ml of honey and left to ferment at 30C in an open container

All prepared for the upcoming 5 Minutes of Fame