Cultured Drinks Brewing Program/Class Overview 27/10/2010

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Class Overview 27/10/2010

  • preparation of new batch of hibiscus kombucha
  • harvest and preparation of honey cooler

Hibiscus Kombucha

  • recipe: culture volume (Vc) = 8.5 l; sugar 6% (w/v)(510 g); hibiscus 0.6% (w/v) (51 g); starter 5% (v/v) (425 g); SCOBY; water

Working procedure

  • bring to boil 3 l of water
  • remove from heat and add the hibiscus
  • steep at least 10-15 min
  • strain the infusion
  • add the sugar and mix well to dissolve
  • add water to the mixture to fill 80% of Vc
  • add the starter
  • fill up to the final Vc with water
  • taste and note to the log
  • transfer the SCOBY on to the mixture with the youngest layer facing up
  • cover with muslin cloth and tie with string
  • label the container, in this case "hibiscus kombucha 27/10/2010"

Honey Cooler

  • recipe: culture volume (Vc) - 3.785 l; honey 10% (w/v) (378 g); whey 3.1% (w/v) (118.29 ml); water

Working procedure

  • measure honey
  • transfer in to the pot and add hot water and dissolve well
  • add cold water up to 80% of Vc
  • transfer to the fermentation vessel
  • add the whey
  • fill to the Vc
  • taste and note to the log
  • seal with water lock
  • label the container, in this case "honey cooler 27/10/2010"

Another class done, it was great with lots of delicious food brought by friends. Special thanks to TJ.