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== The DefCon 415 User Group San Francisco Bay area ==
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We have form the DC415 group is 415 just because is the main city area code, but all bay area residents are invited to join.
We meet in noisebridge now we meet online in the matrix descentralized federated network, see bellow for more info.
We meet two times a month, second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 7 PM/19:00 hours until you have to go or they kick us out.
For official events check:

our latest Defcon25 video with HackBloc, Hispagatos and DC415 collectives https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYpoMjCzu88 Thanks to the Hispanic hacker show "Hackerñol"

We are finally listed as an official DefCon Group for the 415 area code[edit]

Unfortunately we have to email again to update the info they have.... lol


we are not having meetups at this moment, please join us on matrix or #hispagatos in the i2p darknet. for how to join our matrix federated chat room visit https://hispagatos.org/blog/2017-06-26-hispagatos-federated-matrix-chat-node-howto/

Everyone is welcome but know our topics are focus on hacking,hacker ethics, anarchism, cypher/cyber-punk, politics etc in the true hacker spirit. This overlaps with infosec but we are a hacker group not a infosec group.. this means we do speak our minds and talk progressive politics and are focus on hacktivists and fixing the world we live on by the means of technology and digital/electrical means.

We are a DefCon group but we are not limited to defcon, we participate in 2600/HOPE/CCC and Bsides conferences as well, you may see us on infosec conferences like RSA but is not in our interests to support commercial and corporate conferences, this is one of the reasons we meet at NoiseBridge instead of some capitalist corporate office...


Location: San Francisco, California USA
Point of Contact: rek2
POC Email: cfernandez@linux.com
Backup Point of Contact: m113s
Backup POC Email: richard@cobalt.io
Website: https://noisebridge.net/wiki/DC415
DC415 Meets: Friday after work twice a month at Noisebridge
Languages: English, some members speak Spanish
Description: Hacking, computer security, Digital Rights, Privacy, Decentralization, Anarchism, etc.''

  • come chat to our mattermost irc 2.0 server chat.binaryfreedom.info/dc415 and help with the organization of the group(is invite only so email me for invite)
  • for info contact cfernandez [a] linux [dot] com
  • on freenode join channel #dc415 (there but not active, better if you join us on mattermost above)

Agenda Items for 27/08/2016[edit]

  • Presentations
    • give a brief intro about what you like and give us one name(does not have to be your real name, any nick hacker name etc is ok just dont change it going forward lol)
    • you do not have to give personal information, is your choice.
  • Plan Defcon 2017
    • Badge
    • Suite
    • who is going to be in charge of getting the money from us?
    • calculate how much money each have to add to the jar each month to make this happen.
    • etc
  • Plan for CCC 12/2016
  • implement Direct democracy by consensus in the group?
    • if so how does it works (i will try to bring some print outs for people new to it) but is like what we had in occupy, the 15-M movement and Anarchist groups in general click on the link above.
    • see also EDD Electronic Direct democracy
      • Some of the issues surrounding the related notion of a direct democracy using the Internet and other communications technologies are dealt with in e-democracy and below under the term electronic direct democracy. More concisely, the concept of open source governance applies principles of the free software movement to the governance of people, allowing the entire populace to participate
  • Meeting dates (Wednesday's every two weeks)- 7pm
    • Decide if we want to move it or rotate it.. or something? taking into account Noisebridge days/schelule of course.. and then we should vote if there is a consensus to change.
  • Projects (projects need to involve at least 2 persons, if possible, people of different background, ethnicity, culture or gender)
    • Searchable App/web to point out all city CCTV camaras where activist can check/update to assure privacy and freedom of speech without intimidation by circumventing the CCTV etc
    • I2p documentation or app to make it easier for people to join the darknet
    • have people donate old PC's and parts and get the working parts and create new PC's and give them to the community for cheap or free, loaded with Linux and non-proprietary tools.(we are not going to give up slavery software to people)
    • your ideas!
    • mo ideas

Results of the Meetup 27/08/2016[edit]

Amanda - will take responsibility in checking for defcon 2017 hotel cost etc.
Rek2 - will take responsibility for checking into CCC costs
We agreed by consensus to implement direct democracy decision making system to our group.
We CHANGED our meetup days to Wednesdays, bi weekly... but we can meet every week in a non-official bases.
There was interests in researching the CCTV project...

Agenda Items for 07/09/2016[edit]

  • Presentations(please do not be late since this is a weekday not weekend anymore so people can't hang around as much)
    • give a brief intro about what you like and give us one name(does not have to be your real name, any nick hacker name etc is ok just dont change it going forward lol) you do not have to give personal information, is your choice.
  • ReK2 to report back with CCC 2016 research, hotel pricing, airtravel, etc.
    • Do pertinent calculations, etc.
  • Amanda to report back with DEFCON 2017 research, hote price, badges, etc
    • calculate if Amanda has not yet, how much each we will have to pay for a suite, ´´´rek2´´´ advices to start collecting money monthly in January that we will have a better stand on how many people we are going to be in for sure.
  • Any interest in toorcon? San Diego October http://sandiego.toorcon.net/event-registration/ 100$+ trip we could rent a car or van.
  • Projects (projects need to involve at least 2 persons, if possible, people of different background, ethnicity, culture or gender)
    • Report back on CCTV app idea, supposedly we doing research on this. Depending on the results we will go ahead and work on this or not.
  • Ideas for other Projects

What we discussed in the 07/09/2016 meeting[edit]

  • Coming conferences:
    • Bsides SF.. is soon
    • CCC - SF non-stop 200$ to scandinavia. check that..
    • Defcon2017
      • Amanda tols us the price of a suite, you can't reserve one but we should keep the first meetup agenda and in Jan make a good list and reserve.in the mean time figure out badge to make
  • Projects
    • CCTV we spoke a bit more about this.. seens there is some interest... good.
    • There was some other project ideas.. sorry I did not write it down, can someone edit this and add them? tx.
  • we all agreed in at the start of each meetup to select a secretary or note taker, and a facilitator for the meetup. we should use our consensus making for this.

9/21/2016 meeting[edit]

  • Defcon 2017
    • We confirmed that January is our first payment for the defcon suite, so we need to have a def number of 10 people

commitment to the cause... We have to have a minimum of 10 people so is worth the time.

  • we have consensus that Tiv0 is going to add a donate button
  • idea of make the group a non-profit.
    • Table for now CCTV but agreed is very easy to do..
    • Greg idea of mapping cell towers

10/5/2016 Agenda[edit]

  • Workshop, installing i2p and remote privacy.
    • recommended on Virtual server remotely - digital ocean is cheap I can give coupon for 2 free months but AWS or any other works
    • OpenVpn or any other free vpn
    • mind
  • RTFM before you come.. I am not going to spoon feed you.. just respond and help out when you do not understand something

04/08/2017 DEFCON25[edit]

Defcon 25 and BsidesLV 2017 is over we had lots of fun we made hispagatos tshirts this year. here is a video resume thanks to Hackerñol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYpoMjCzu88

Chaos Computer Congress 2017[edit]

https://tickets.events.ccc.de/34c3/intro/ plans been made join us on #dc415 #hispagatos on matrix

HOPE 2018[edit]

Plans been made join us on #dc415 #hispagatos on matrix


for events in the bay area visit:

related links of members and friends[edit]

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DEF CON 24[edit]

but wait, there's more... https://www.youtube.com/user/DEFCONConference

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