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[edit] What?


[edit] When?

A Wednesday during September of 2011, particular date hasn't been picked yet.

[edit] Where?


[edit] Who?

[edit] How?

[edit] Before

  • Clear it with SCoW corner to take over a Wednesday
  • Email the list and poke the events section of the wiki
  • Make sure the trash gets taken out the Monday before (I think it's Monday)

[edit] Day before event

  • Helpers show up earlier in the day (5PM - 6PM) to help clean up and prepare Noisebridge
  • Empty out trans cans, bring them to the common area
  • Bring all chairs and crap to the common area
  • Get the projector and PA system setup, lights
  • Setup a drinks table with a donation box, man table
  • Setup a donations box at the door, man the door

[edit] Event

  • Get VonGuard to get up front, thank Dorkbot, explain Noisebridge, ask for money and members

[edit] Post event

  • Clean up after a event
  • Empty out trash into bigger trans bins
  • Restore common area to original configuration (or something like it)
  • Enjoy a cocktail with your fellow member or robot
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