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Hey folks, we have successfully achieved E6 color development by hand using the chems Eric donated. This is a full 6 bath E6 kit (as opposed to E6 Rapid).

E6 "6 bath" steps[edit]

Following is the protocol we followed, it is a hybrid of the instructions on the box of chems and the 6 bath instructions on wikipedia. I will write down the exact chems we used and find a link for them next time I'm in the space. If you want a simpler process, consider E6 Rapid.

  1. 1st dev - 6 min @ 100.0°F
  2. water stop bath - 2 min @ 100.0°F
  3. reversal - 2 min @ 96-103°F
  4. 2nd dev - 6 min @ 96-103°F
  5. pre-bleach - 2 min @ 90-103°F
  6. bleach - 6 min @ 92-103°F
  7. water rinse @ 92-103°F
  8. fixer - 4 min @ 92-103°F
  9. water rinse @ 92-103°F (goes in fix-water jug)
  10. final rinse - 1 min @ 80-103°F (includes photo flo)

Color Development Equipment Checklist[edit]

  • Large tub, translucent plastic preferred (think we have this)
  • E6 chems (thanks Eric!)
  • temp controller (see shopping list below)
  • chem bottles, 1 qt x6 (see shopping list below)
  • plastic reels, 35mm & 120 (ours are convertible)
  • film tanks (check!)
  • timer (check!)
  • Darkroom (check!)

Most of this stuff is on the Darkroom resources page.

Kelly's Shopping list[edit]

Total: $102.71


  • Kelly - $20
    • Subtotal: $80.71
  • Rubin - $80.71
    • Subtotal: $0

We have enough monies! Kelly is ordering stuff.


Development queue[edit]

Update: Kelly and MacKenzie mixed up a 1 liter batch of E6 chems on 8/14/11 and have developed 8 rolls in it since then. Feel free to book yourself some E6 time while the chems are still good! --Hurtstotouchfire 02:03, 23 August 2011 (UTC)

  • Heroic 06:08, 8 August 2011 (UTC) - about eight rolls
    • Various Velvia 50, Velvia 100, Digibase CR200, shot on the Big Island of Hawaii

Donating film[edit]

If you'd like to donate some slide film or $$ towards slide film that may be helpful for people who don't already have a backlog of E6 film to develop.

E6 examples and recommendations[edit]

If you're just looking for advice on what film to get, you can check out what other people have been shooting, above. Unfortunately slide film is a bit more expensive than color negative film, running about $8/roll for 36 exposures on 35mm. It's lovely though. I know that Joachim and Jas can probably provide more examples (links, guys?), but my flickr feed has a few shots which were E6 processed slide film. --Hurtstotouchfire 17:58, 24 June 2011 (UTC)

Here are some random shots on Velvia: [1] Heroic 06:11, 8 August 2011 (UTC)