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This is a meeting and general get together for anyone involved in or interested getting involved with the darkroom at Noisebridge. If you would like to possibly shape how the darkroom functions, want to come and meet up with folks also using the space, or want to use the space in the future, you're encouraged to come.

  • Where: Noisebridge, 2169 Mission St in San Francesco
  • When: 20120516 - 19:45

Agenda items[edit]

Note: These are potential agenda items, add your own!

  • Names, introductions, personal projects
  • Mailing list, Google calendar, get on that!
  • General goals of the darkroom, update Darkroom page
  • Discussion and agreeance about guidelines of the darkroom, updating Darkroom page
    • Personal items and projects being kept in the darkroom
    • Donated items versus personal items
  • Current state of the darkroom, what's broken
  • Improvements to the space, what can be fixed, who would like to tackle those tasks?
  • Classes, we should host some
  • Moar photographs on the walls of Noisebridge!
  • Group projects
  • Review of darkroom for new faces


Personal projects in the darkroom[edit]

Just like the rest of Noisebridge please be respectful about common space and leaving room for others to work in. Noisebridge doesn't provide any sort of safety or guaranty that personal items left in the space will be protected from others messing or using them. Noisebridge provides the User/Member shelves on the other end of the space for people to store personal projects in the space, but again that still somewhat falls under the general policy that Noisebridge can't provide folks with any guaranty of item safety. Some of us have been keeping some personal photo projects in the Darkroom with our names/emails/dates on them and try to keep those items out of the way of others working in the room. Please be courteous about leaving items in the Darkroom, it's a shared space, if you've got a project and it's a problem for someone, they'll totally do something about it and possibly make your project disappear. Leaving any personal consumables in the darkroom isn't advised, considering anything you leave in that room as a donation and treat it as such.

To Do: Construction and Organization[edit]

  • Address light leaks over the door, under the wall, fan area, possibly put up a curtain
  • Fixer waste judge --rubin110 18:23, 17 May 2012 (UTC)
  • Negative scanners - Get rid of them
  • Color processor
  • Chemical audit
    • Write note about leaving tick marks on jug after useage
  • General house keeping
  • Moving the the film dryer into the Darkroom, away from metal things --rubin110 18:23, 17 May 2012 (UTC)
  • Make a smarter darkroom in use light --rubin110 18:23, 17 May 2012 (UTC)
  • Fix the water heater --rubin110 18:23, 17 May 2012 (UTC)
  • Integrate the awesomeness that is Nburl into the darkroom, tag everything

Things that could be bought[edit]

  • White masking tape
  • More jugs
  • Dish strainer
  • Wire shelves for drying this in the black shelves
  • Bulk Film [1]
  • Re-loadable cartridges [2] [3]


  • 35mm film development class some time next week
  • Pinhole cardboard cameras
  • Light boxes by Kelly
  • Lighting talks for the darkroom
  • Bulk loading and chemical mixing
  • Scanning film
  • Lightroom development


  • Photo trading days
  • Other ideas were thrown around