Digital Archivists 2014-05-22

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  • John
  • Dany
  • Andrew
  • Vinay
  • Brandon
  • Michael


  • Mechanical and software issues with DIY Scanner 1.0 and possible solutions
  • Camera apertures
  • Legal issues surrounding archiving and use of scanned books for research
  • Contact with DPLA service hubs, and scanning on a massive scale
  • Flaws in current popular commercial scanners (configuration and price point)
  • Commercial vs. Open Source OCR
  • OCR for non-English languages, particularly Hindi
  • Updates on the linear book scanner, currently under development at U. of Michigan
  • Brandon's EECS corpus analysis project at Berkeley
  • Spitballing about next generation DIY scanner


  • Weekly meetings have resumed! Thursdays at 7pm at Noisebridge
  • Andrew & Vinay run a live test comparing commercial and OSS OCR at the next meeting
  • John & Andrew to meet up for several hours of scanning, documenting snags in the workflow
  • Brandon to follow up with team at Berkeley on corpus analysis project
  • John to bring Raspberry Pi to test as dedicated scanning terminal
  • Andrew to bring Ikea no-slip mat to keep books from moving on cradle
  • We're back in action!