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distcc is setup on 3 computers at noisebridge. to list them on your computer (with avahi-utils installed), type "avahi-browse -a | grep distcc". quaggadell is 32-bit, the others are 64-bit. I will fix quaggadell to be 64-bit some day

to compile export PATH=/usr/lib/distcc:$PATH export DISTCC_HOSTS="--randomize" and then the ips of the servers above seperated by spaces. (hostnames are ok, with .local, but you must have libmdns installed, and avahi daemon running)

also, DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=parallel=8 or MAKEFLAGS=-j8, or just "make -j8" to do a parallel build

for cross compiling google "gentoo distcc cross compile" to call the compiler by its fully qualified name using a wrapper with exec. please patch distcc to do this automatically before i get my lazy ass around to it....

TODO: g++|*-multiarch and implementing fully-qualified names using my gcc-defaults patch, so 32-bit and 64-bit hosts can be equilivent for semi-native compiles.

TODO: fix this crappy page