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Doorbell 2.0[edit]

Arduino-based, includes lights and a customizable tone.

To do[edit]

* mount in a stable enclosure
* move transistor (sound) from pin 12 to another pin so we can use ethernet. (4,10,11,12,13 are used by ethernet/sd card. 5 is buzzer signal, 7 is LEDs)
* run an ethernet cable to the doorbell
* Improve and expand doorbell code!


* Check that the speaker is connected to the green terminals of the arduino, and an audio cable is plugged into the intercom box by the top door.
* Hit the reset key on the Arduino
* Ring the door bell. Does it work?
* Re-upload or modify the Arduino sketch

If this fails you can revert to doorbell 1.0.

Want to improve the doorbell? Change the chime? Here is arduino code. Hack it!

You'll need a USB mini cable to connect. The board is a [1], but choose Uno in the Arduino IDE.

Improvements & ability to alter light and sound patterns via ethernet will be coming soon.

Doorbell 1.0[edit]

Via original intercom box.

Fallback instructions.

Go to the intercom box by the top door:

* Ensure the buzzer switch on the top is set to 'On'
* Unplug the audio cable from the side of the intercom box by the door.

Doorbell 1.0 functionality should work

Pacific Electronics 3403 Door buzzer system.