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Three 20-minute presentations exploring intersections of art and technology, in a social gathering of dorks, nerds, and geeks.

All are welcome!

When: Mar 01 2017, 7:00pm social hour, 8:00pm presentations
Where: Noisebridge


  • Mark Meadows - Bad Bot. Good Bot.

You're authenticated on Facebook but chatbots aren't. Bots can spam, scam, phish, spoof, and abuse more effectively than people. What we need are license plates for these things.

  • Kal Spelletich and Mitch Altman - Harvesting Brain DATA for Robotic Mayhem and Enlightenment

Volunteers will wear EEG brainwave-monitoring helmets. One participant controls one robot arm. The other participant controls the other robot. Can they make the robot arms kiss? If they do, everyone is treated to a show of lights!

  • Terbo Ted - A Reading from D: Based on A True Story

An Artificial Intelligence attains self awareness and becomes obsessed with a disgraced tech journalist who had previously coded computer screen savers for a living. The two fall deeply in love.

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Karen Marcelo <karen AT srl DOT org>