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The season of flourish for Sambucus nigra or "elderflower" is quickly approaching with beginning of June being probably the best time for harvest and proper utilization of the crop. We should therefore plan to optimize our efforts. I would recommend creation of interactive map with elderberry trees/bushes around Galway, list of equipment needed for the harvest, processing and brewing and of course creation of recipes and manuals with proper photo and hopefully video documentation. We should discuss a place where to do the brewing and what type of micro organism culture we should use to get good results. This topic should be one of the main ones at the meeting on Wednesday 1/5/2011 and Thursday 2/5/2011.

  • Brew master/kvasir - Richard, Bill, Alan, Frantisek

  • Project structure and schedule

  • Links and resources

Recipe for Elderflower cordial

Another recipe for Elderflower cordial

Short info on elderberry wine (first results of Google search :))