Elderflower probiotic lemonade 13/6/2011

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Culture - kefir


- elderflower 600 g (freshly picked, unwashed)

- cane sugar (dark rich Sucria) 5.3% (w/v) (1000 g)

- kefir culture 5 % (w/v)

Culture volume (Vc) = 19 l

Fermentation vessel - 19 l plastic container from water (partly sealed)

Culture started - 13/6/2011 at 17:00

Culture harvested - probably on 17/6 or 18/6

Till now - the fermentation vessel was transferred on 13/6 at 18:00 to water bath which was set to 30C. It was switched off on Wednesday at 16:00). When checked on Thursday 16/6 at 11:00 the container was expanding due to the inner pressure. Part of the gas was released and the beverage tasted. The "acidic" elderflower flavour was very prominent with the fermented after flavour, the drink was ready to be harvested but not suitable containers were available so it was left to ferment for bit longer.