Elderflower probiotic lemonade 8/6/2011

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Culture - water kefir


- elderflower infusion (25 flowers, left to infuse at cold (4 C)in 3 l of water for 7 days)

- cane sugar (dark rich Sucria) 6% (w/v)

- water kefir culture 5% (w/v)

Culture volume (Vc) = 5 l

Fermentation vessel - 5 l plastic container (sealed)

Culture started - 8/6/2011 at 23:00

Culture harvested - 13/6/2011 at 13:00

Results - the harvested batch was tasty, around 6/10 (10 is the best), nicely sparkling of brown colour. The elderflower flavour was a tiny bit off but still nice, shorter period of steeping would be better. The drink was partly bottled and left to secondary ferment, however it was drunk too fast.

Suggestions - let the elderflower steep at cold for shorter period of time or preferably leave it in the fermentation vessel during the fermentation, add it freshly picked. This suggestion was applied on 13/6/2011.