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As of 11-02-01 there is a second button installed by the first floor elevator call button. This second button triggers a very loud buzzer installed over the main door on the third floor. Please push this button if you need to use the elevator but the call button is not working (see explanation for this at Elevator).

If you hear this buzzer, which is much louder and more obnoxious than the front door buzzer, please immediately go get in the elevator and ride it down to the first floor. Someone needs it there and is unable to come up and get it.

Possible improvements to the system include flashing light, swapping it out for an intercom, making it buzz continuously until turned off by someone taking the elevator down, etc. If you are inspired to do any of these things, or anything else you think of, go for it! Ask Rachel McConnell or Jake (spaz not Appelbaum) if you want more details on the buzzer system.