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Bluetooth Smart and Embedded Development[edit]

A certified cool workshop with hot topics.
Place: Noisebridge Turing classroom
Instructor: David Edwin

WEDNESDAY, March 16, 18:00

This workshop is timed to coincide with the Bluetooth World Event

Part 1: Bluetooth Smart basics[edit]

Manufacturers and offerings[edit]

  1. Dual versus single stack
  2. Market sizes, product classes
  3. ST, NXP, Nordic Semiconductor
  4. nRF51822 detailed study

SDKs and development workflow[edit]

  1. Nordic Semiconductor SDK
  2. NodeJS and Arduino BSPs?

Break time![edit]

Let your brain rest.

Part 2: Proximity applications[edit]

Beacon profiles[edit]

  1. iBeacon
    1. Retail
  2. Eddystone (URL)
    1. Rich interfaces
    2. Energy intensive
  3. Extra sensors
    1. Temperature
    2. Acceleration
    3. Telemetry packets

The physical web[edit]

  1. Walk up and use anything
  2. Bluetooth Smart focus
  3. Applications and integration
  4. Source code glance

Make your own beacon[edit]

  1. nRF-51XXX with ARM mbed
  2. Cut and paste cloud C++
  3. Deployment and testing


To benefit the most, bring a battery powered computer and telephone. Without these things, you're welcome to form a group of two or more with a person who has the requirements.

Reading material[edit]

A good excuse to consume free time is reading these topics:


Frequently Asked Questions[edit]

Q: Is there an entrance fee or other fees?[edit]

A: There is nothing to pay, even optionally.
If you have too much money, give some to the Noisebridge.

Q: What is the time of this workshop?[edit]

A: The workshop begins in the evening at 18:00 and might have a duration of 2-4 hours, depending on factors like attendence, enthusiasm (who wants to stay) and others.

Q: Why is this held at the Noisebridge?[edit]

A: Because the Noisebridge is quite bodacious and has very nice Mexican restaurants near by.

Q: Are morons welcome even?[edit]

A: Yes, and we'll have wicked tricky device things to do for all levels of expertise.

Q: I have a question, who can I reach?[edit]

A: Add it to this FAQ where it probably will be answered.

Q: Wasn't Michael going to teach this, what happened?[edit]

A: Michael can't be on site due to lack of travel sponsorship, instead David has offered to take is place and is a much nicer guy (smarter too) anyway.

Q: Why was this moved to the 16th of Mar, what happened?[edit]

A: David will be at Noisebridge on the 16th of Mar but the material will be quite a bit different. However all questions can be answered.