Epson SureColor T5270D

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This is the 36-inch-wide dual-roll large-format inkjet printer between the SparkleForge and the music production station.

Working as of 2019-05-02.

Ink for this printer is very expensive, so please do drop some cash in a nearby cash box if you print something on this printer. If you forgot to or didn't have cash, you can donate electronically.

Using this printer[edit]

The printer can be reached via USB or hard Ethernet (no Wi-Fi). BYO cable.

On USB, the printer requires a driver. It may work (untested) with a generic HPGL or ESC/P driver.

On Ethernet, you can upload files to the printer and it'll print them without requiring a driver. (But you need a computer or device that speaks Ethernet, and a web browser that can talk to the printer and upload files. FTP might also work but is undocumented outside of a couple of passing mentions.)

Ethernet requires a crossover cable, or possibly a router. Connecting directly with a straight-through cable does not seem to work.

It's unclear how to get the printer to cut the paper automatically at the end of a job. If the job appears complete and the print head just starts going back and forth without printing anything or advancing the paper, cancel the job on the printer's control panel. The printer will feed about an inch of paper and then cut, and you'll have your print.

Queue of known current or impending resupply needs[edit]

  • Ink maintenance tank: This is where ink used for head cleaning goes. One tank (currently in the slot on the left) is full and the other (currently in the slot on the right) is empty. A full tank means head cleaning doesn't work reliably in the nozzles on that side.
  • -1 used cartridge: We have at least one used-up cartridge that needs to find a home. Ideally this should be disposed of in a way that the remaining dregs of ink get recycled and Noisebridge gets a kickback.
  • Photo black: Currently the lowest cartridge. We have a replacement on hand.