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You are standing at the 2D printer station at Noisebridge.

You see a large format inkjet printer, an inkjet all-in-one and a laser printer.

EXITS: Hackitorium, Front, Print Shop, 3D printers

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This page is about 2D paper printers. Are you looking for 3D Printers or the Vinyl cutter?

We have a discussion channel on Slack named #printerbridge.

Physical Location[edit | edit source]

Printers and printing materials can be found in the printing room on the ground floor, near the door.

Donating used or broken printers[edit | edit source]

Printers are a maintenance liability. Please donate used or broken printers to eWaste SF at 2915 16th St. or Recology at 501 Tunnel Ave. instead.

Canon MF642C[edit | edit source]

Working as of 2023-10-17 Accessible through the Noisebridge Cap Wifi. Prints letter size. If it's not working, try installing and reinstalling the printer (Systems Preferences > Printers and Scanners on MacOS).

If it encounters a paper jam, you may be able to clear it by removing the paper cassette and then the sheet-feed tray immediately above it. The jammed sheet should then be accessible for removal. Put the sheet-feed tray and paper cassette back in, and then try to resume or retry your job.

Brother HL-L-8360CDW color laser[edit | edit source]

Working as of 2023-06

More info on its own wiki page.

Below information to be revised.

Print Server[edit | edit source]

The 2009 iMac at the front desk is set up as a print server using Mac OS's built-in Print Server (AirPrint: How to Wirelessly Print From Your Smartphone or Tablet). Right now it's just AirPrint. Google Print or whatever should also be installed. Perhaps you, good Sir, Madam, or Xir, could install, configure, and document that fact here!

The Printers listed below should show as available on the Noisebridge Network.

If not, try installing Bonjour/ZeroConf on Windows/Linux, or simply print your file from the iMac by downloading from a Cloud service or transferring using File Sharing locally (SMB or AFS), or check the iMac & make sure the printers are on.

Black and white printers[edit | edit source]

Brother HL-5470DW[edit | edit source]

Small laser printer. It eats toner and trees. It prints double sided. If you print text of greater than 1 page, *use the double sided option*. The you need half the number of pages! If you use it please consider throwing some money into the donate bin.

Paper: Please get some paper and place in the printer supplies cabinet under the printers.

Linux[edit | edit source]

Linux Drivers Get both the lpr and cupswrapper, and the printer should show up with it's model. If you're running a Ubuntu, for drivers try sudo apt-get install brother-cups-wrapper-laser brother-lpr-drivers-laser, but likely you will need the specific drivers from the link above as the 5470DW isn't included as of this note.

Perfect support on Linux In Gnome Printer settings, type in the printer's IP address ( as of this revision) and select JetDirect Printer and select the "Brother HL 5370DW/Postscript" driver.

Desktop inkjet printers[edit | edit source]

Epson WF-7620[edit | edit source]

Status: Working as of 2019-05-02.

This all-in-one color inkjet printer consumes Epson 252 or 252XL cartridges.

Manual: https://files.support.epson.com/docid/cpd3/cpd39381.pdf

Epson WF-2630[edit | edit source]

Status: Not working as of 2019-08-12.

Consumes Epson 220 or 220XL cartridges. Firmware recently updated. Reporting low color ink, but not printing anything on test pages.

Manual: https://files.support.epson.com/docid/cpd4/cpd40876.pdf

Large-format roll printers[edit | edit source]

These printers consume paper off of a roll of a certain width.

Supplies for these printers are expensive; we ask that you donate $1 per square foot when using these printers. Here are couple of online calculators that can tell you the price of your print.

Epson Stylus Pro 4880[edit | edit source]

Page: Epson Stylus Pro 4880 Status: Not working Aug 12, 2019. It's reporting "No MNT Tank" and "Error 0002000B". May need a Firmware update (doesn't show in Mac utility). May just need Cartridge #5 replaced or refilled: Light Black.

This color inkjet printer uses an 18-inch roll of paper (i.e., prints will be 18 inches by whatever the perpendicular dimension of your print is).

Epson SureColor T5270D[edit | edit source]

Page: Epson SureColor T5270D

This color inkjet printer uses a 36-inch roll of paper (i.e., prints will be 36 inches by whatever the perpendicular dimension of your print is).