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Noisebridge Shirts are a cool way to wear your hackerspace affiliation on your sleeve.

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Noisebridge is going to have some shirts made. It will probably feature the same logo as the most recent sticker. If you'd like to have a shirt, please add your name to the size you'd like (linked to your wiki page). The first run of shirts will no doubt be black and simple. If you'd like non-black shirts, please note this with a a solid alternative preference stated. If you're sure you wouldn't wear black and you're certain that you don't know what color you'd like, please also state that.

  • XXL
Martin B.
User:BuddhaHacker - want black
Shannon Lee -- XXXL if American Apparel please
  • Extra Large
Schoen (two shirts)
Charlie (two shirts)
  • Large
David Molnar - XL if American Apparel as well. 
Al - XL if American Apparel please.
Luiz E.
Mitchell H.
  • Medium
Nana Black (Duh too) unsure re size depends on brand
Daniela but if the sizes are too big prefer small
Andy (two shirts)
Steen (Black, Duh. Will take large as well)
  • Small
Rubin - Color: Gray, or anything but Black or White.

  • Girl Cut (sizing is very maker dependent)
Audrey - black or dark red